Angela’s Angels & Antiques is a unique and inspirational gift store.

store_small048After our 19-year-old son, Nick, was killed in an auto accident on July 19, 2001, our lives ended as we knew it. We thought our grief would kill us. Slowly, with time, we made the decision to not let something seemingly so negative take away all the positive in our lives. We knew Nick would never want that. Nick’s death was not our choice, but we could choose how we were to live the rest of our lives. We wanted to do something meaningful, help others, and hopefully share the love and inspiration we have experienced.

Just weeks before his death, Nick gave me, his Mom, an angel statue for my birthday. Even though this was out of character for him, he knew how important angels were to me. Now that angel and the memory of that surprising gift is a treasure beyond words.

The purpose of our store is to provide unique, inspirational gifts that will bring hope and joy to you or someone in your life. Our store has been a labor of love. We hope that the love we have but into it will be passed on to those who visit us, and that we can provide a treasure for you or someone you love.